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How Can Franchisees Sell More Franchise Catering?

AD Capital Finance Tips on Franchise Catering

AD Capital Finance Tips on Franchise Catering

Franchise catering is certainly an effective way to market your product while spreading brand recognition outside of your physical location.  While brands like Panera may have an advantage when pushing catering due to their offerings of soups and salads in addition to sandwiches – other brands like Domino’s have found success with school lunch programs.

Marketing can be done via avenues such as social media, pay-per-click, email & partnerships and it is imperative to know your customer to increase your ROI and implement a winning strategy.  If you are selling 1000-calorie hamburgers high in fat and sodium, soliciting sales from prospects who are seeking to live a healthy lifestyle would certainly not generate the same results as a Tropical Smoothie. 

Community partnerships are a solid building block when developing your catering program.  Youth athletic programs, religious organizations, and other local community events are a great way to get to gain brand awareness and get access to decision-makers. 

Hosting a fundraiser for the local baseball team will certainly showcase your catering services to a large number of prospects who would potentially like your product at their place of employment or their next party.  Collecting data from adult attendees for a future solicitation will significantly increase the likelihood of closing that next catering order.

Positioning yourself for future success by creating a proper sales funnel all starts with quality prospects.  What is your organization doing to identify these opportunities? 

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