4 Types of Franchise Agreements

Ad Capital Finance 4 types of franchise arrangements

4 Types of Franchise Agreements: Single Unit, Multi-Unit, Area Developer & Master Franchise Franchise agreements are legal contracts made between franchisors and franchisees granting the right to operate a franchised business. The franchising industry can be difficult for new franchisors to navigate, the 4 options available for franchisees are explained below. Single Unit Franchise Agreement […]

How to Choose a Good Franchise Location

ad capital finance how to choose a good franchise locationy

1. What is the Nature of your Franchise. If the franchise location relies heavily on impulse purchases, e.g. food, coffee, etc., it should be located in an area visible from as many places as possible, including crossroads and major roads. On the other hand, the franchise location for a daycare should strike a balance between neighborhood safety […]

How do I Obtain a Franchise Loan?

AD Capital Finance: How do I obtain a franchise loan

Communicate with Franchisor Some franchisors can help with access to in-house financing or they may have an approved list of lenders who are likely to accept your franchise loan application. Verify Small Business Administration Eligibility Check whether the franchise business is registered and approved by the SBA. Franchise loan applications are listed in the SBA […]